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5 Star Rating
LISA CORBETT from on 7/22/2010 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:
"Larry is always very professional & recommends things to keep your car running to it's best ability. Love the service at AWS"
5 Star Rating
CARLOS MORALES from on 7/16/2010 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:
"I recently purchased a car and brought it to a local smog shop in preparation for registering. Unfortunately it did not pass the smog test and now I had a big problem on my hands. Larry at Avenue Wheel Shop had done previous work on my wife's New Beetle so I brought it to him for a diagnostic exam. Among many things that needed maintenance, Larry focused "just" on the items I needed to pass the smog inspection. He kindly reviewed the additional maintenance issues and provided me with a cost for repair and an order of priority to get my car in great shape. This far exceeds the customer service I have received from any car repair shop and I would highly recommend Larry at Avenue Wheel Shop."
5 Star Rating
JAMES MEADOR from on 6/23/2010 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:
"No on likes a mechanic shop that tells you one thing out of one side of their mouth and another out of the other side... AWS tells you what it is straight forward ... they are honest, consistent and reliable"

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5 Star Rating
Dan Holmes from 09/25/2020:
"Long time customer, long time satisfied. Excellent service, skilled crew, fair pricing. This time was a fix of the cruise control sensor, not a good thing to have go bad! They identified the problem, had the part delivered quickly and the Xterra was ready to go. Many thanks!"
5 Star Rating
it is i from 07/15/2021:
"Top tier shop to work with. The mechanics do a very thorough job! Brought in my Subaru for a brake issue and asked the staff to install fog lights while it was on the lift. Caleb was in touch with me the whole way and I had nothing but a positive customer experience. I think after six months, I found my long term mechanic :)"
5 Star Rating
Mary B from 09/20/2021:
"AWS recently did insurance work for me. After interacting with Caleb, the appraiser told me that, out of the Santa Barbara and Ventura County areas that she serves, there are 2 shops that she feels really put the customer first. One of those shops is AWS. I've been using AWS for years. I love the technology that allows me to approve repairs by text and those repairs are always quickly completed. I have never had unnecessary work suggested to me - absolutely no fails and everything is done right. AWS completes the work for a fair price and gets me back on the road, ASAP. This is a really nice, well organized, clean shop. But most important - the insurance appraiser is right. AWS is all about integrity and excellent service. They treat their customers like gold and I wouldn't go anywhere else."
5 Star Rating
michelle maggiano from 08/10/2020:
"Always a pleasure there! Very helpful, friendly and courteous. Never overpriced. Thank you."
5 Star Rating
Rochelle Rowe from 09/22/2021:
"What a warm friendly place of business. Caleb is greets with a warm smile. He listens to your concerns and addresses each one fully. This was my first time at the shop, so I was prepared to be over sold on what needed to be done on my car. It was definitely not the case with Caleb. I was very impressed when I received a text (and email) with a complete breakdown of my vehicle inspection, including pictures of each part of the car that was inspected...which was the entire car. My car was taken in for an oil change. The tires needed to be rotated, because the front were wearing out fasted than the back. He did at no additional cost. The only regret is that I did not bring my car to him years ago, when my friend first mentioned AWS. This shop is a great model for what customer service should be at all places."